Moza Racing Wheel Base Product Guide

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Moza Racing are a new entrant to the sim racing market, founded in September of 2021. Despite that, they are quickly becoming a brand name in sim racing. In this article, we’ll take a look at who Moza Racing are and what wheel base products they currently offer.

What’s a Sim Racing Wheel Base?

The wheel base is the primary component of a direct-drive wheel. It’s the part that drives the wheel and connects directly to it. Direct drive wheel bases are measured in Newton meters (or Nm) of torque. The higher the torque, the more power, feedback and force feedback effects you’ll get. Wheel bases can be purchased independently from the wheel, although they are sometimes bundled together. Be sure to check out our article on direct drive wheels to learn more about some of the benefits of this newer sim racing technology.

Who are Moza Racing?

Moza Racing are a Chinese company founded in September 2021. Despite that, they’ve quickly risen as a trusted brand in direct drive steering wheels, pedals, handbrakes, sim racing dashes and other accessories. Prior to entering the sim racing market, Moza did research and development work in the automotive chassis control industry.

In addition, Moza operates a separate arm of their company called Moza Gudsen, selling camera gimbals and stabilizers.

Moza Racing is quickly becoming a competitor to sim racing kingpins like Logitech and Thrustmaster with their affordable direct drive wheel bases.

What Wheel Base Products do Moza Racing Sell?

Moza Direct Drive Wheel Bases

Moza Racing may be most known for their direct drive wheel bases. The defining feature between each wheel base is the peak torque output. Aside from that very important feature, the Moza wheel bases all are largely the same. They all sport a sleek black aluminum casing, a quick-release for steering wheels and Moza Pit House software that allows deep customization of force feedback and other settings.

If you haven’t noticed, each of Moza’s wheel bases are named after (about) the amount of torque they put out. For example, the R3 puts out 3.9 Nm of torque, the R5 5.5 Nm of torque, the R9 9 Nm of torque and so on. Each step up in Moza wheel bases also will weigh more, since they require more power to put out the extra amounts of torque they do.

Moza R3 Direct Drive Wheel Base Bundle

The Moza R3 is the latest wheel base offered by Moza. After the success of their R-series direct drive wheel bases, the r3 was a natural progression. This entry-level wheel base and wheel are expected to be released around February 2024. This wheel is unique because it’s the first to be officially licensed by Microsoft to be fully plug-and-play with the Xbox X|S and Series One. The wheel base and pedals also will work with PC of course.

Moza R3 Direct Drive Wheel base bundle with pedals and steering wheel

The Moza R3 Racing Wheel and Pedals sport the same familiar aerospace-grade aluminum as Moza’s other products. It’s the least powerful of Moza’s wheel base, with the R3 putting out 3.9Nm of Peak Torque, which should be plenty for most new sim racers.

We’re very excited for the R3 bundle to come out!

Moza R5 Direct Drive Wheel Base

The Moza R5 wheel base is a powerful entry-level direct drive wheel base. This writer personally has upgraded from the Logitech G920 and loves Moza! It was the cheapest wheelbase that Moza sold before the R3 was announced.

MOZA R5 Bundle with Pedals and and Wheel Base

The Moza R5 is available as a standalone wheel base or in a bundle with a wheel and pedals.

Moza R9 v2 Direct Drive Wheel Base

The Moza R9 wheel base has a version 1 (v1) and version 2 (v2). The only difference between the two, is that the R9 V2 version is compatible with the ES steering wheel, while the V1 version is not. The R9 wheel base is compatible with all Moza wheels that are not v1. Make sure you grab the right one to be compatible with your wheel!

The R9 v2, unlike the R3 and R5, has wireless technology to transmit data and power between the steering wheel and base. The R9 v1 does not have the wireless technology to communicate with the wheel.

As the name suggests, the Moza R9 wheel base puts out 9 Nm of torque, which is quite an upgrade from the R5.

Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheel Base

Going a step further, the Moza R12 wheelbase puts out 12 Nm of torque. This extra amount of torque helps force feedback in sim racing games to replicate steering force found in real road and race cars.

The R12 has a new generation of Force Feedback filtering algorithm, which provides renders oversteer and understeer with more clarity.

The R12 also has wireless communication between the wheel and base, as do the rest of the more premium options and the R9.

Moza R16 Direct Drive Wheel Base

Again, as the name implies, the Moza R16 puts out 16 Nm of torque, an additional step up from the R12. The R16 sports wireless communication between wheel and base, as do the R9 v2, R12, and R21. The R16 still has a black aluminum housing, but shows off a aggressive super-car design. The R16 has bolt-holes for a front-mount, which is preferred for the extra torque it can throw off.

The Moza R16 has a higher precision encoder at 262,144 points of resolution, which should give some more precision on the track for wheel inputs.

Moza R21 Direct Drive Wheel Base

The Moza R21 is the most powerful of the Moza lineup of wheel bases. Again, as the name shows off, it can give 21 Nm of torque. This powerhouse wheel base boasts extreme precision and immersion. Moza claim that you’ll feel every single bump, slip and slide. It’s got the same aggressive super-car design as the R16.

Moza R21 Direct Drive Wheel Base with 21 Nm of Torque

Due to the massive amount of torque this wheel gives off, it has a safety feature called hands-off protection. This feature reduces the risk of injury by stopping oscillation of the wheel and centering it when it detects your hands are not holding it.

Moza Wheel Base Product Comparison Grid

Not sure which Moza Racing wheel base is best for you? Check out our Moza Product Comparison Grid below:

R3 Wheel baseR5 Wheel BaseR9 Wheel BaseR12 Wheel BaseR16 Wheel BaseR21 Wheel Base
Price$399 (bundle with wheel and pedals)$319$439$589$799$999
Direct Drive✅✅✅✅✅✅
Peak Torque3.9 Nm5.5 Nm9 Nm12 Nm16 Nm21 Nm
Max Steering AngleLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Communication MethodWiredWiredR9 V1: Wireless
R9 V2: Wireless & Wired
Housing MaterialAviation Grade Aluminum AlloyAviation Grade Aluminum AlloyAviation Grade Aluminum AlloyAviation Grade Aluminum AlloyAviation Grade Aluminum AlloyAviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Peak Power72W84W180W216W360W480W
Input Voltage110V~220V AC —>12V DC110V~220V AC —>12V DC110V~220V AC —> 36V DC110V~220V AC —>36V DC110V~220V AC —>36V DC110V~220V AC —>36V DC
Encoder Resolution32768 ppr (15-bits)32768 ppr (15-bits)32768 ppr (15-bits)32768 ppr (15-bits)262144ppr (18-bits)262144ppr (18-bits)
Connection PortsPower, DC Input, Pedal, USB, DashPower, DC Input, Pedal, USB, DashPower, DC Input, Pedal, USB, DashPower, USB, Pedal, Dash, Shifter, Handbrake, E-stopPower, DC Input, E-stop, USBPower, DC Input, E-stop, USB
Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)TBD174*157*124240*157*124327*170*130225.87*156.68*123.99327*170*130

Moza Racing Wheel Base Conclusion

Although Moza Racing are a newer entrant to the sim racing market, they are proving themselves to be a reliable manufacturer of direct drive wheel bases, wheels and other sim racing accessories. We hope this guide was helpful in navigating the differences between the various wheel bases Moza offers.

If you’re new to sim racing, check out our articles on the best sim racing games for pc or read more about direct drive wheel bases.

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