Best Assetto Corsa Mods for New Sim Racers

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Assetto Corsa is a powerhouse racing sim game. Originally launched in 2014, the game is one of the best sim racers around. On top of that, it can be bought during steam sales with all of the downloadable content for about $10. The game recently reached it’s all-time high of players on steam in Christmas 2023. With Assetto Corsa 2 right around the corner, excitement about Assetto Corsa isn’t dying down any time soon.

Although Assetto Corsa is nearly 10 years old now, modders have kept the game alive with tons of community support and content to update the graphics and gameplay with new content and features. In this article, we’ll cover the best Assetto Corsa mods for new players to get started with.

Content Manager For Assetto Corsa

There’s no doubt about it, Assetto Corsa’s interface is dated. When you launch the game, the interface you’re met with is really off-putting. I gave up on Assetto Corsa after seeing the confusing and dated interface. It’s that bad.

Assetto Corsa’s default launcher leaves a lot to be desired.

Content Manager adds a modern interface for Assetto Corsa
Content Manager adds a modern interface for Assetto Corsa

Luckily, Content Manager completely fixes that and replaces the dated UI. Content Manager is a standalone application that allows you to browse cars and tracks before launching right into the pre-race screen. In addition, content manager has tons of settings for tweaking and tuning the game, installing more mods and customizing handling, steering wheel settings and much more. Installing additional mods with content manager is as simple as dropping the mods’ folder into content manager.

Content Manager is an absolute must first mod for Assetto Corsa.

Content Manager also offers a premium version, which is a one-time purchase and costs only a few bucks. Although, you can get by on the free version just as well.

Grab Content Manager for Assetto Corsa here

Custom Shaders Patch

Custom Shaders Patch can be installed directly from content manager. It completely overhauls the graphics of Assetto Corsa and allows for custom weather effects like rain, thunderstorm and day and night cycles. There are physical particle effects and tons of other fancy settings that make Assetto Corsa look like a modern game.

assetto corsa sim racing game, Ferrari at Brand's Hatch Track
Assetto Corsa with Custom Shaders Patch and Sol makes the game come alive


Sol is an additional mod that builds upon custom shaders patch and makes the game look even more beautiful. It adds some realism and graphical filters that make the game look almost lifelike. It adds even more detail.


Pure is yet another graphical mod that many people think is even better than sol. It’s made by the same developer as Sol, Peter Boese. Pure does cost money, but it’s only a few bucks through Peter’s patreon page. Many Assetto Corsa players say that Peter will be focusing development on Pure instead of Sol, so it might be worth using!

a BMW m3 E30 on the Drift Map in Assetto Corsa with the pure mod running
A Mazda RX-7 on Shutoku Revival Project with the Pure graphical mod in Assetto Corsa
A Mazda RX-7 on Shutoku Revival Project with the Pure graphical mod

No Hesi and Shutoko Revival Project

In Japan, the Shutoko is a network of highways connecting the Tokyo metropolitan areas. The Shutoku Revival Project is a track that adds ahuge map modeling this open world Tokyo highway. Cruising through it with friends is a blast.

No hesi is a server for Assetto Corsa that has traffic constantly running on the Shutoko Revival Project map. Players earn points for overtaking AI traffic and weaving in and out of traffic. You may have seen references to No Hesi on TikTok or instagram reels featuring sim racers blasting through the Tokyo highway map.

Check out No Hesi’s discord to get more info about their server

Assetto Corsa Modded Cars and Tracks

Once you’ve got Content Manager and Custom Shaders Patch running, the world of Assetto Corsa is yours! From here, you can explore custom car mods and tracks created by the community. Some of our favorite sites for mods are AssettoHub, Assetto Corsa Club, Assetto World and the Race Department forums.

Best Mods for Assetto Corsa Conclusion

Assetto Corsa is a realistic racing sim game with tons to explore. The game may be older, but with the mod and community support available, Assetto Corsa truly comes to life. We hope this article was helpful for your sim racing journey. If you’re just getting into sim racing, be sure to check out some of our other articles on budget sim racing setups or some of the best sim racing games for PC in 2024.

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