Turtle Beach is developing a Sim Racing Wheel and Pedal System.

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VelocityOneβ„’ Race Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach is developing a Sim Racing Wheel and Pedal System.

Written by Jennifer Bichara

Turtle Beach, a famous gaming gadget manufacturer, has recently launched a new wheel for simulation racing. This wheel can be used with both Xbox and PC gaming and comes with a pre-installed dashboard and button configuration that sets it apart from other sim racing wheels available on the market.

The dashboard displays an array of buttons, which makes it easy to control various in-game functions. The wheel has been designed to offer a precise and accurate driving experience. With its top-quality performance and features, the new Turtle Beach offering is a must-have for sim racing enthusiasts seeking the best.

Like other high-end sim racing wheels, the VelocityOne Race sim racing wheel boasts a direct drive force feedback motor and a load cell brake pedal. However, it stands out with its digital dashboard and customizable buttons. The wheel has knobs and buttons that can be personalized to adjust features for specific cars in simulators like iRacing. Users can tailor the wheel to their preferences for a unique experience.

The wheel does not have a gear shifter but has three pedals and supports various manual gearbox options. Its design includes multiple paddles for paddle shifting and hand clutching, with one paddle also serving as a handbrake. This design is suitable for simulating modern open-wheel and rally cars. However, the wheel’s flat-bottomed shape may pose challenges when driving on rally stages.

Turtle Beach will release a wheel in February. You can pre-order the complete set now for $649.

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